Property Settlements

Property Settlements

Property Settlements

Dealing with the complexities of property settlement is stressful but the consequences of not doing it properly can impact on the rest of your life. We are experienced negotiators, and will endeavor to get the best possible outcome. We have dealt with a number of complex family law matters involving both small and large asset pools.

If you have come to an amicable agreement as to how to split the property between you, we can assist by drawing up the necessary documents to formalise the agreement whether that be by drawing up a Financial Agreement or Consent Orders.

If you have not been able to reach an agreement and it proves necessary to make an application to the Court, we will assist with the making of that application.

The following process is usually followed when determining property division matters:

  1. Making findings as to identity and value of the parties’ property, liabilities and financial resources. Property includes real estate, shares, cars, savings, furniture, jewellery etc. This includes things you brought into the relationship, those acquired during the relationship and also those purchased after separation.
  2. Weighing up the contributions from both parties, including financial, non-financial, inheritances and assets brought into the relationship.
  3. Looking at the future needs of both parties, including factors such as age, health, your capacity to earn money and your parental responsibilities.
  4. Assessing whether the division is just and equitable. Does the conclusion do justice between the parties?

We are able to provide legal advice and representation and assist with the finalisation of your financial property settlement. Every case presents with a different set of facts and circumstances. Contact us to obtain more detailed advice about your specific case.

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Property Settlements